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    Far too many people are living unhappy, unhealthy, uninspired lives and believing that is ‘normal’. That is the reason I became a Psychologist. There is a significant percentage of the population who are coping, but not thriving, and searching for something their life is lacking.

    Well, let me tell you something. Anyone can learn to master their thinking, and therefore overcome their negative emotions, anxiety, depressive symptoms, low self-esteem and other issues, if they have the courage to do the work. Anyone can change their behaviour, their health, relationships, and unhealthy habits. There is greatness in every single person, and awesome potential inside all of us. Whether you want to dream big and change the world or just change yourself and those around you, enlisting a psychologist can help you stop the merry-go-round and start living your ideal authentic values-based life.

    I would describe myself as a down-to-earth and, low-key kind of coach. Many of my clients say they like my style because I’m “unPsychologisty”, which I take as a compliment! My aim is to give clients a workable approach that is relaxed and flexible, and I believe there’s nothing wrong with a bit of appropriate humour here and there. I focus on the present moment, and while I acknowledge the impact of past experiences, I also believe there is a time to learn the skill of walking away from the past and stepping into the person you choose to be in your future. It’s about simple, practical, authentic support.

    I use an eclectic mix of evidence-based modalities from the psychology and coaching fields, including Positive Psychology, Motivational Interviewing, CBT, ACT, mindfulness, and solution-focused coaching. Finding a Psychologist that is right for you is important, so I’m always happy to chat over the phone before you commit to starting sessions with me. As a Medicare provider, rebates may apply on referral by a GP or from Private Health cover.


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